How do I Know if my Memory Foam Mattress is Worn Out?

You always prefer to buy a good quality mattress because no one wants any compromise on sleep quality.  No matter how costly and perfect a mattress you have chosen for you, it lasts over time. 

After some years of use, you need replacement. But a question arises in mind how one can know that a memory foam mattress is worn out and need replacement.

Signs to know memory foam mattress is worn out

Here are some major signs; if you see such signs, then it means your mattress is worn out and needs replacement.

Mattress is old

No matter how the quality brand you choose, but after completing its lifespan, the mattress does not perform well as before. The normal life of a memory foam mattress is 8 to 10 years, and you should replace it after passing this time. Your mattress is worn out after completing its life span; otherwise, you will have problems.

Deep Sagging

Obvious sagging in your memory foam mattress is also a sign that your mattress is worn out and needs replacement. Due to sagging, you cannot sleep comfortably on your mattress and causes different problems such as keep you restless and your feel pain in your body.

Memory foam mattress starts noise.

Memory foam mattress in good condition never produces sounds, but when they wore out, you will listen to different sounds and noise when you sleep and especially make some movements.

You remain restless

Memory foam mattresses are highly comfortable and ensure a good sleeping experience. But when you see that you remain restless over the night and get up in the morning, you feel weak and do not feel fresh. It is also a sign that your memory foam mattress needs replacement, and it has worn out.

Back Pain

When your memory foam mattress becomes old and worn out, it also loses its features such as proper support to your body and keeps your posture disturbing when sleeping. If you feel frequent pain in your back every morning, then it is a sign that your memory foam mattress has worn out, and it is time to replace the memory foam mattress.

You frequent face allergy and smell

Your good condition mattress can maintain well after cleaning, washing, and disinfecting. But once your memory foam mattress has worn out, no matter how much cleaning and disinfecting you did, there will be no benefit. You will feel a bad smell and when sleep faces too frequent allergy and other issues.

Change in softness

Memory foam mattresses, when worn out, show changes in softness; some memory foam mattresses become too much harder while others become too much softer. They lose their purpose for which they were purchase; it is a sign that your memory foam mattress has worn out, and you need a replacement.

Final Thoughts

Memory foam mattresses are durable items and last for years. But after some time, they become worn out and need a replacement; if you see any of the above signs in your memory foam mattress, then it is time to replace your memory foam mattress because your mattress has worn out.

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