How to Wash Wool Comforter?

Washing a wool comforter makes people feel a little confused. Generally, washing wool often needs a carefully planned operation. It is because the moisture and heat of the washing machine will leave a bad impact on the natural fibers of your wool comforter. It will ruin the comforter in a less desirable state.

But knowing how to wash your wool comforter without any damage is not a military operation. It is a simple and easy task.

How can you wash your wool comforter carefully?

It is noteworthy that wool is a natural fiber. So, you must be careful about it. To retain its temperature regulations and shape, you need to be extra careful while washing it. We recommend you wash the wool comforter within two to six months.

While washing it, avoid the loaders that will flip your product slowly. Use a big washing machine that should have a capacity of fifty pounds or more. Set it manually to medium-high speed spinning. Pay special attention to slow, stop, rinse and skip slow-speed spins.

Now we are going to tell you a careful washing process of your wool comforter.


Select the gentlest cycle. Your washing would say either hand wash or delicate.


Fill your washing machine with hot water. Add some suitable biodegradable detergent to it. You can also use an alternative wool wash. Put your wool comforter in it and push it down slowly so that water can soak in it.

Skip slow speed cycles: 

We recommend setting the washing machine medium-high speed while washing. It will permit the spinning to take water out.

Avoid using a dry machine: 

Line-dry or hand-dry in a hot place. After you have dried the wool comforter, use a good drier to fluff it up. Note that a wool comforter is heavy. Sometimes, it appears dry from the outside, but the inner layers are still wet. To eliminate this problem, we suggest you dry it for a longer time.

How can you wash the stained area of a wool comforter?

If your wool comforter accidentally produces many small spots and stains while washing, clean them before washing again. It is good to use hydrogen peroxide rather than any chlorine-based product for this purpose.

Apply hydrogen peroxide on the stained surface:

Let the wool comforter dry. During applying hydrogen peroxide to the stain, you will note that the stain is starting to lift and disappearing from that surface slowly. 

If the stain is still not becoming faint, continue applying more hydrogen peroxide until the stain becomes faint.

If the stain is too large, use the sink and soak the stained area with biodegradable detergent or wool wash. After it, you can hand-dry it and press the water out of this wool comforter using a towel.

Final Thoughts:

People acquire many benefits from naturally occurring wool comforters. It has some magical features like automatic thermoregulation, moisture-absorbing magic. 

If you want to enjoy its wonderful features, it would be best to take special care while cleaning and washing. Failure to follow the above process can lead to major product damage. Be sure to follow the above instructions carefully while washing your wool comforter.

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