How to Use an Air Mattress Pump?

An air mattress comes with flexible features that make it suitable to use because it is easy to transport, and you can inflate the mattress and enjoy an air bed experience in remote places. 

There are many ways to inflate the air mattress, but the most accurate method is to use the air mattress pump to fill the air in your mattress.  It would be best if you used it properly for inflating the air mattress pump. 

What is the easiest way to use an air mattress pump?

Two types of air pumps are available to inflate the air mattress, manual and automatic. There is no difference in their use except with a manual pump you will inflate the mattress with hand pumping while automatic pump uses with powering it with electric power or battery power. What pump you have to use the below steps.

Step One

Place your air mattress on some flat surface and remove the air stopper from its valve; you will find this valve in the middle of the air mattress from any side.

Step Two

Now connect the pump with the mattress valve. It will be easier to attach the adapter with the air pump to fit it with the mattress valve. Insert the adapter into the mattress valve and ensure no leakage or space left from where the air will rush out from the mattress.

Step Three

Now ready your pump for pumping; if you have an automatic pump, insert the batteries or connect them with electric power. But if you are using the manual pump, then there is no need to connect it because you will use your power to pump with your hands.

Step four

Now inflate the air mattress with the air pump, start pumping; if you are using the manual pump, then do pumping with hands, or you can also use your feet to pump the manual air pump, but pumping with hands is easier.

Are you using the automatic pump? Just flip the power switch; it will start inflating your air mattress. But remain with the pump because it inflates the air mattress too fast, and you need to stop it in time to avoid filling the air mattress too much.

Step Five

Continue the pumping process until you feel that your air mattress is filled with the required amount of air. There is no recommended level of an air mattress; you can set that level according to you, and if you like the softer mattress, then fills it with less air. But if you love to sleep on a harder mattress, then use more air to inflate the mattress.

After filling the air, remove the pump; if using an automatic pump, then removes it from the electric switch, but if it is batteries powered, then remove its batteries and store your pump at the proper place after packing in its bag.

Final Thoughts

You can use the air mattress at any place; you need to fill the mattress with air and then use it for bedding. But you should know the proper way to inflate a mattress with a pump, as we have guided you in the above content.

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